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The duty of youth is to challenge corruption.                                                
                                                                           Kurt Cobain

Good alternative media and information is just a click away!  We do extensive research and have found these sites and alternative media very helpful.  By suggesting these links, we do not necessarily agree with all of the content on these sites.  It is suggested that you do your own research and prove or disprove anything you may have questions about.  


Political Films by William Lewis Productions
Life On The Edge Of A Bubble Winner, Award of Excellence, Feature Documentary, The Indie Fest, 2009
Take Back Washington Entry, 2008 Breckenridge Festival of Film
Beyond Treason
Winner, Grand Festival Award, 2005 Berkeley Film Festival
One Nation Under Siege

Political Films by Others 
(Fiction, based on reality)
Uncivil Liberties
Who Killed John O'Neill

Alternative Publications
Namaste Magazine
Kick Them All Out
Idaho Observer
Restore The Republic
News With Views
Global Research
Bloomberg News
News Inferno
Electronic Frontier Foundation
After Downing Street
Raw Story
Farm Futures
Freedoms Phoenix
The Liberty Restoration Project
The Public Record
Want To Know
Info Packets
Peter Schiff
Joan Veon
Blacklisted News
What Really Happened
Information Clearing House
Dissident Voice
Project Censored
Jeff Rense
Rumor Mill News
August Review

Alternative Media
Coming Soon!  Freedom First Radio Network!
Matrix News Network
Freedom Fighter Radio
Info Wars
Meria Heller
Charles Goyette
Road Warrior Radio w/Chris Hinkley
Restore the Republic Radio
American Freedom Radio
Republic Broadcasting
In Your Face Radio
Press TV
Freedom TV
Radio Liberty w/Dr Stan Monteith

Blogs & Such
Steven Saw
David The Patriot
Washington's Blog

Poker Face

Groups and Organizations
Fire Congress
Campaign For Liberty

Bill of Rights Defense Committee
Open Congress
Open Secrets
US House of Reps.
US Senate
Depleted Uranium Info
National Debt Clock

Alternative Health Information
American Made Air Purifiers and Ductless Furnaces 
Dr Arthur Evangelista
Natural Healing Magazine
Natural News
Advanced Health Plan
Care 2 Make a Difference
Association of American Physicians and Surgeons
Dr Byron Richards
Dr Jane Orient
Dr Tim O'Shea
Dr True Ott
The National Health Federation
Natural Neighborhood
Life Health Choices

Vaccine Information
Vaccine Liberation
Pandemic Flu Online
Dr Sherri Tenpenny
Dr Len Horowitz

Other Links
Citizens for a Constitutional Republic
National Freedom of Information Coalition
Citizens for Legitimate Government

Special Events
Fourth Annual Live Free or Die Rally